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Tue June 21 - Wed September 21
Get Ready to Gear Up! You have 3 months to complete the challenge distance.

Race Swag

Swag for the Peach State Challenge includes:

  • Cotton/Poly Blend T-Shirt
  • Finisher Medal
  • Custom Race Rib
  • Peach State Sticker


Race Works is excited to bring back The Peach State Challenge. We heard so many positive reviews and thank yous from our challenge the last two Summers! Over 1,700 participants completed over 300,000 miles in the last 2 years!  While in person is back and better than ever, we want to provide an opportunity to encourage each other once again all Summer long.  While we hope to see you all at an in-person race soon, we can compete and encourage from anywhere!  

For the newbies, we are bringing to you a summer challenge to get out and stay fit.  Have you ever thought what it would be like to run on the interstate across Georgia or the perimeter in Atlanta? Neither have we until now!  Once you choose your distance to complete - each time you log your miles your results page will show you where in Georgia you would be along the route. You can run or walk anywhere you want, inside or outside as long as you log the miles. You do not have to run or walk each day, you just have to finish the total distance (you can also go above and beyond!) between June 21st and September 21st. That is 3 months to complete the goal of your choice! You can choose to have a reminder each day to log your distances as well as daily updates with your location and cumulative distanced logged.  We will have a live leader board at the RESULTS page for you to see how you place among the other participants daily!  We ask that you join our Facebook group and tag any of your photos on social media with the #PeachStateChallenge so we can follow along!  

All Participants will receive a shirt, race medal, and sticker once they complete the event distance (we will begin shipping at the end of August). All made in the USA!  All mileage must be submitted at your unique results page each day or each time you complete a daily mileage (you can enter mileage from previous days or whatever is convenient for you! 

**Disclaimer: Please do not run on unsafe roads, or areas that have been closed off to the public.  The interstates and highways are not open for pedestrian traffic, this is a virtual run/walk only.

Challenge Contact Info

If you have any questions about this Challenge, click the button below.


Take advantage of our referral program, powered by RunSignUp, and race for FREE! When you register for the Peach State Challenge, you'll receive a special link to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -or- by email. For every 3 friends you refer that use the link to register, you'll get a refund of $15 credited back to the card you used to register for the race*.

It's super easy to join the program, just follow the steps below.

  1. Register for the Peach State Challenge:  SIGN UP
  2. Check your confirmation email or your RunSignUp account page to get your custom link. It will also ask you to share your link when completing registration.
  3. Share your link with the world! 

*Refunds occur up to the amount you paid to register.


Make a difference in your community!   Many Georgians have been affected by the current pandemic. Hunger can affect people from all walks of life. Many Georgians are one job loss or medical crisis away from food insecurity – but some people, including children, seniors, and rural Georgians – are at greatest risk. All proceeds from this challenge will benefit the Georgia Food Bank Association, a 501(c)3 organization comprised of seven regional food banks working to end hunger in their local communities. The goal is to match the funds raised with the zip code you registered under to the food bank for your area! For more info, visit:


Q: Do I have to be in GA/From GA to do this event?
A: No you do not have to be in or from GA to do this, anyone in the world can do this event! 

Q: How do I record my miles? 
A: you will record your miles on your own mileage log link.  You can do it daily,  or you can do it once a week, whatever works for you!

Q: Do I have to run or can I walk?
A: you can Run, Walk, Runwalk, any way you can to get the miles. It's your challenge, as long as you are purposefully moving and logging miles, it counts. 

Q: Do I have to run/walk outside?
A: You can go outside, inside, on your roof (kidding!), in your basement, treadmill, or around the house.  Any way you can get your miles in, count!

Q: Do my miles count from before June 21st? 
A: No, Only miles you do from June 21st to September 21st

Q: Can I run/walk multiple times a day? 
A: Yes, breaking your miles up several times a day counts too! 

Q: Do I have to pay a toll when I run?
A: The only toll you pay is to your muscles and cardiovascular system and it can be in the form of Doughnuts or Salad, your choice, although we always prefer Doughnuts!

Q: Is there planned Construction on the course?
A: Again, you are NOT running on the Highways, you are running at a park (social distancing of course!), in your neighborhood, on your treadmill, or around your house.  Anything except actually on the highways - Be SAFE!!

Common Trouble Shooting Questions For Recording Miles

Q: I need to enter my second run but I keep entering it and my first run disappears, how do I fix it?
A: In this example, you are overwriting the first run.  Instead, keep the data the same for the first run, and click ADD ANOTHER ACTIVITY in order to add your second run/walk. You will continue to do this every time you add a run/walk. 

Q: I got my link, but I'm confused on how to log my miles.
A: Here is a video to walk you through how to log miles with the link:  

Q: I did not get my link, how do I log my miles?
A: Some email servers block our emails to you.  If you do not have your daily link, you can follow this video for instructions on how to log your miles in.  Keep in Mind you MUST BE LOGGED INTO THE https://RUNSIGNUP.COM/LOGIN  ACCOUNT THAT YOU USED TO REGISTER FOR THE RACE BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF THE STEPS IN THE VIDEO:  (You can now also log your miles using your email or phone number without being logged in).

Q: When I search my name it does not come up to enter virtual results or it says I don't have permission?
A: You must be logged into the same   account that you registered with.

Q: I don't see the date when I try to log my results, why not?
A: Once you get into the results page, you have to click Add Another Activity.  You have to do this every time you log an activity. The time and distance on the right is the total time and distance.  It will automatically add this to your total distance and percentage completed. 

Q: I ran again today, how do I enter a second entry of results?
A: In the results page, choose Add Another Activity.  DO NOT JUST OVERWRITE THE PREVIOUS ACTIVITY OR IT WILL DISAPPEAR. Each time you do a new run/walk, you need to click Add Another Activity.  At the end of the challenge, If you ran once per day and have 62 runs, you will see all 62 activities in the submit results page. Don't overwrite them.

Q: I made a mistake on entering my results, how do I change it.

A: In this example, you can go in and overwrite the mistake.  Don't just enter it again correctly, you have to overwrite the incorrect data.

Q: I entered my results but I don't see them in the listing.
A: The results take a few minutes to update. 

Q: My wife/friend/mother/daughter registered me, how do I move that to my account?
A: Here is a link to and article on How to move a sub-account to another user.  Follow the section titled: Transfer Sub-Account To Another Existing Account  

Q: I am listed as anonymous in the results, why? 
A: When you create an account, you have an option to be listed as anonymous in results.  If you do not want this, go into your   profile and click to edit profile.  You will see a check box at the bottom that you want to UNCHECK to be listed again.  

If you have any other questions, please contact


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